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Club Fitting

The Kevin Perkins Golf Academy uses the Ping Club Fitting System for your personal club fitting analysis. The staff will analyze your current equipment and go through  ten key static fitting variables, to ensure that you are playing with the proper equipment, in order to reach your full potential. This will eliminate any swing manipulations to correct for clubs that are not fitted properly.

We also use TrackMan Launch Monitor technology to complete the fitting process with the four dynamic fitting variables of: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Power Transfer Ratio,(aka, smash factor).

The fourteen key fitting variables, that we will perform here at the KPGA are:
  • Grip Size
  • Club Length
  • Shaft Flex
  • Shaft Weight
  • Swing Weight
  • Total Weight
  • Lie Angle
  • Loft Angle
  • Face Angle
  • Bounce Angle   
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Power Transfer Ratio,(aka,smash factor)


Personal club fitting analysis will be performed complimentary, for all One, Two and Three Day Schools.  

Club Fitting Rate:  
Complete Fitting – Woods, Irons and Putter…………..$100.00