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Kevin's Book, Golf Everyone,  is 200 pages long and is quite extensive. Details on how to order Kevin's book are included following the table of contents section.

The Following is the table of Contents:



CHAPTER ONE: Why Golf?                         CHAPTER SIX: Chip Shots                             CHAPTER ELEVEN: Trouble Shots               

  Opportunities To Play the Game                                          One Lever Motion                                                            Uneven Fairway Lies

  Becoming a Golfer                                                               Club Selection                                                                 Specialty Shots

  Crossword Puzzle                                                                Setting Up for the Chip                                                    Crossword Puzzle

                                                                                               The Chipping Stroke                                                   CHAPTER TWELVE: Mental Side                                                                                                                                                                                          Make a Plan

                                                                                              Points to Remember                                                        Key Emotional Control

                                                                                               Grip Pressure on the Stroke                                           Control Your Swing

                                                                                               Body Action on the Chip                                                 Play the Percentages

                                                                                               Selecting the Right Club                                                 Take Note of Your Surroundings

                                                                                               Chipping Drills                                                                 Observe Shots By Other Players

                                                                                               Crossword Puzzle                                                           Don't Get Greedy - Stay Disciplined

CHAPTER TWO: Golf-Then and Now           CHAPTER SEVEN: Stance & Alignment      Make Smart Adjustments                                                                                                                                                         Play in the Present

  Golf in America                                                                    Stance (or Posture)                                                         Balance the Mental and the Physical

  Women's Golf                                                                      Alignment                                                                         Keep it Light

  Golf Organizations                                                               Crossword Puzzle                                                           Crossword Puzzle

  The History of Golf Equipment                                        CHAPTER EIGHT: Pitch Shots                         CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Rules of Golf

  Golf and the Environment                                                    Equipment                                                                      Golf Etiquette

  Crossword Puzzle                                                                 Grip                                                                                The Rules of Golf

CHAPTER THREE: Equipment                              Set - up                                                                           Crossword Puzzle

  Clubs                                                                            Alignment                                                             CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Preparing to Play

  Parts of the Golf Club                                                   The Full Pitch                                                           Understanding Handicaps

  Selection and Purchase of  Equipment                        Rhythm                                                                     Types of Competition

  The Ball                                                                                Clubface Position                                                             Exercises for Golf

  Golf Bags                                                                              Points to Remember                                                        Crossword Puzzle

  Dress                                                                                    Common Mistakes                                                      APPENDIXES

  Crossword Puzzle                                                                 Pitching and Full Swing Drills                                         The Rules of Golf: A Helpful Chart

                                                                                                Crossword Puzzle                                                           Lab 1: Why People Play Golf

CHAPTER FOUR: Putting                              CHAPTER NINE: Full Swing                        Lab 2: Leading Men and Women Golfers

  Equipment                                                                    The Backswing                                                        Lab 3: Shopping for Golf Equipment

  Grip                                                                               Key Points of the Backswing                                   Lab 4: Putting Drills

  Stance                                                                          The Transitional Part of the Swing                           Lab 5: Golf on Television

  Alignment                                                                      The Forward Swing                                                 Lab 6: Chip Shot Drills

  Speed of Play                                                                Key Points of the Forward Swing                            Lab 7: Stance and Alignment Drills

 The Putting Stroke                                                          Understanding Ball Flight                                       Lab 8: Golf on the Internet

  Final Tips                                                                       Drills for the Full Swing                                           Lab 9: Full Swing Practice

  Putting Drills                                                                  Crossword Puzzle                                                   Lab 10: Golf Magazine Article                            

  Crossword Puzzle                                                                                                                                                      Lab 11: Viewing a Golf Tournament 

CHAPTER FIVE: The Grip                               CHAPTER TEN: Bunker Shots                   Lab 12: Mental Readiness for Golf

  The Overlapping Grip                                             The Green Side Bunker Shot                                       Lab 13: Playing a Round of Golf

  Grip Variations                                                       Key Thoughts for Bunker Shots                        Lab 14: Golf Exercises

  Grip Pressure                                                        Controlling Distance                                       Glossary

  Grip Practice                                                                         Equipment Changes in Controlling Distance               References

  Crossword Puzzle                                                  Trouble Shots out of a Green Side Bunker

                                                                                                  Fairway Bunker Shots

                                                                                                  Bunker Drills

                                                                                                  Crossword Puzzle


Kevin's Book, Golf Everyone, May be ordered below at a cost of $30.00, which includes shipping. Please let us know where you would like the book to be shipped by emailing Kevin at, or by texting or calling Kevin at 561 301-3783. Thank you very much!


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